The time of Diwali is one of the most festive and beautiful times of the year for all of us. The celebration of the festival is invariably accompanied by the exchange of sweets, family and friends get together, card parties and the explosion of fireworks. We all look forward to meeting family and friends, and with that we all love to indulge in heavy snacks, sweets, dry fruits and drinks and enjoy the festive season. Well, if you stay a little bit careful and consciously eat, you will be able to cut calories and avoid gaining weight this Diwali.
Managing weight is easy if you know how to balance your calories. Start preparing yourself 10 days in advance for the Diwali Celebration. Stop cutting your calories well in advance.
Start doing walk for half an hour daily with proper diet management. Early dinner will help you to digest food properly. Avoid drinks and sweets till your get together celebration begins. This preparation would help you enjoy your Diwali with all those sweets and snacks with friends and family without any weight gain.
Eat in moderation: We aren’t asking you to sulk in a corner while others are enjoying mithais. Just eat in moderation and avoid second helpings.
Cut down unnecessary: You can definitely reduce the amount of unnecessary calories throughout your day such as, reducing Tea\ coffee cups, avoiding Soft drinks or hard drinks , skipping fried snacks items or eating chocolates or sweets for no reason.
Choose wisely: While preparing your sweets or celebration foods always look out for healthy options. Like while selecting Milk choose low fat milk or cow’s milk, can opt for low fat paneer, instead of Sugar you can opt for substitutes like jaggery or can sometimes use natural sugar substitutes available in market. Also, avoid fried sweets like gulab jamuns. Instead, ragullas are a better idea.
Skip sugar-loaded drinks: Opt for something light such as lemon water, coconut water, jaljeera, buttermilk, etc.
Be a fiber eater: Cautiously try to eat as much as fiber you can from  fruits and vegetables. Eating ample amount of fiber can help you in removing excess fat stored in the body as well as keeps your cholesterol and blood sugar content normal and they are easy to digest too.
Sip on plenty of Water: Sipping plenty of water during entire day can really be helpful in cutting down calorie content. Drinking water at short intervals can give you feeling of fullness and thus avoid overeating of food.
Slow your speed: You may think that how come you’re eating speed will matter in calorie intake? But when you have your sweets or snacks slowly without gulping them in a hurry can avoid excess calorie intake. It also avoids sugar rush and thus skips eating extra sweets items.
Burn it out: Even if it is a seasGlass of Wateron of festivities do not forget or miss your exercise regime. Doing exercises regularly as per your schedule can help you in burning it out the extra or fatty calories consumed. You can also plan and do some extra exercise during festivals to absorb extra fat or calories taken to balance it out calories and maintain your weight.
Keep your Dinner light: Dinner is one of the last meals of the day after which you mostly take a rest or go on a sleeping mode. So heavy dinners can really adds upto your body’s calorie pool as there is no activity going on after meal. Most of the times dinners are taken at home so it is also easy to manage them on your own and manage entire days calories.
While visiting Friends or relatives: When you are planning to visit your friends do not go on empty stomach this avoids over eating. And make wise choice between available options to maintain calorie balance. Like eating more of healthy nuts than sweets.
Mind the quantity & quality: The mode of celebration can make you forget the exact amount you are eating, making it overdo. So keep the portion sizes minimal or correct for whatever sweets or snacks you are eating. Keeping a close watch on amount of calories you are eating surely reduce the excess eating and maintains calorie balance.
Along with this also keep an eye on quality of the food you are taking in. Like avoid item which are deep fried or foods which are soaked in ghee or dalda. This can also cut down calories.

  1. Try and serve healthy options like fresh and dry fruits to people visiting you.
  2. Try and serve smaller portions of sweets.
  3. Dry fruits are a good option, instead of fried foods and other sweets.

Therefore, if you keep few things in mind and follow the tips, you will be able to watch out your calorie intake this Diwali. Just stay a bit conscious when you are eating and remember Diwali comes every year. In fact there are many festivals that are also important and so eating too much at one time will lead adding weight. You can maintain your weight until Diwali and can also workout and shred them after Diwali. So, enjoy and have a good time.

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