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Inch Loss Therapies

We have different non surgical, risk free treatments that help to reduce cellulite. These are fat breaking massages, muscle stimulators, ultra-lipolysis, radiofrequency, vacuum suction, etc. The extra fat deposited in tummy, hips, thighs, sides (love handles), back, calf, chest, saddlebag, face & chin can be reduced non surgically through these treatments. These help to reduce the excess fat in your body and get back in shape.

Each session is of 50-60 mins depending on the treatments taken and can be done twice or thrice in a week on one body part.

Minimum 8-10 sessions are required per body part to have visible results depending on the type of fat. The sessions required may vary from person to person.

There is an inch loss of upto 2 inches in every session depending upon the treatment taken. However, the result may vary from person to person depending upon their age, sex, lifestyle, physical activity, etc.

The treatments are done by trained therapists and are completely safe. Being non surgical, no cuts or burns are done during the treatments. On some sensitive skin, slight redness may be observed, but that is temporary and it subsides in some time.

Anyone above the age of 18 years can do these treatments for their problem areas. Treatment is not advised in pregnant women, lactating mothers, liver / kidney failure patients, cardiac pacemaker patients, metal implants in the target area or any other terminally ill patients.

Anything in this world requires maintenance. Hence, if you want to enjoy a Fit & Healthy body, you have to make efforts life long, to maintain your body. We are, what we eat. These treatments help in reducing the Fat which has been stored in your body. But your body can further deposit fat, depending on your future eating pattern & activity levels. Even if you undergo Surgical Procedures like Liposuction or Bariatric surgery, the chances of future fat accumulation is always there. But if you watch what you eat & be more active, after the treatment is over, then you can surely maintain good fitness levels. All celebrities, sports persons & otherwise fit people, always maintain their fitness, by watching their eating patterns and by being more active. Like the cars also needing regular maintenance, we advise you to repeat few treatments every year, to maintain the results. A calorie controlled diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.

Weight loss refers to losing kilos on the scale either from muscle, fat or water, while fat loss, isn’t much about the scale but about getting rid of body fat, losing inches in all the right places and looking slimmer. Fat loss reduces total body fat percentage there by reducing risks of Obesity.


In today’s world, most of us are busy. Let that not be a reason for not living a healthy lifestyle. Our program is very flexible and most of our clients are professionals who follow the program quite easily. In fact, by following our program, you will feel more energetic and your productivity will increase.

No. Not healthy. With our program, you can expect 3-4 kgs weight loss in a month. There are few people who lose more than that in a month, but those are exceptions.

No. Every person is different. And every body reacts in different ways. Hence, results will vary for every person. Few people might show the best results in the first month, whereas few show better results in the second or third month. But one thing is clear: everybody shows results, sooner or later. Persistence is the key.

We are totally against crash diet. Also, we realise that strict diets are not practical. If the diet is not simple to follow, it is not going to work. But at the same time, we do not want to make false promises and say that you will not have to make any changes to your diet and lifestyle. You will have to. You can’t expect a different output with the same input.

We have many national and international clients who consult us through email for online weight loss programs. Ushma, with her team of trained nutririonists, monitors every stage of the clients weight loss. Every client has a personal login and a nutritionist is in constant touch with them via mail. Also the client can take a prior appointment and talk on phone for any problems faced by them.

First register yourself by filling up the form. then click on the program that you want to join and make the payment using your credit card.

This program is divided into sessions – each session lasting for 7 days. A new diet is sent in every session, after following it, you have to fill in the diet diary & your weight and submit it to your assigned nutritionist.

Your progress is noted and accordingly new diet is sent to you.

All the required assistance is provided to you in the form of Eating out options, Weight loss tips, etc. which helps you to decide in eating smartly.
The last cycle shall be the maintenance cycle, where you get back to eating as per your regular food habits.

You have to fix up an appointment with your nutritionist through mail and she will revert back with a suitable time for both of will be between the Indian working hours from 10 – 5.

Yes, you definitely get a grace period depending on the package taken.

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