Divyesh And

Need a little fitness motivation? Watch this
video as Divyesh and Anjali share their journey
towards a fitter life.

Chirag And

Dieting is rarely easy, and it can be a downright nightmare if you’re doing it alone – without the inputs of your spouse. Here’s renowned Nutritionist Ushma Chheda talking to Chirag and Reema about how you can slay the ultimate his ‘n’ her diet plan with the help of Neev Nutrition.

Dr. Vinit

  • Lost 40 kgs in 1 year
  • After dieting felt that stamina level has been increased and was able to run 10km marathon within in 1 hour 16 mins
  • Enjoyed Dieting as he got his favorite foods and interesting recipes
  • He learned how to reduce weight even after having sweet cravings


  • Lost 8 kgs in 10 weeks.
  • First used to feel weak.
  • After dieting felt that stamina levels has increased during workout
    and running as well.
  • Increased ability to exercise harder.
  • Energy levels boost up.


  • Vipul Goradia reduced 2.5 kgs within 21 days.
  • Diabetes is under controlled without medicines and sugar levels are normal just with the help of diet.
  • Enjoyed dieting as he got many interesting menus and recipes.
  • There is a drastic change in his lifestyle as well after dieting from neev.
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