The months leading up to your wedding can be chaotic due to shopping, menu selection, partying and so on.So,Dietician & Sports Nutritionist Ushma Chheda of Neev Nutrition shares some easy&healthy pre wedding diet tips.
Plan your dietary changes in advance
Going on a strict diet just weeks before the wedding won’t really reap those results that you have been hoping for yourself. So start at least three months prior to your wedding date.

Kick start your immunity

Stress, late nights and irregular schedules can wreak havoc on your immunity and your skin as well. Give your immunity levels a boost by having Chawanprash—a powerhouse of flavonoids and antioxidants
Haldi doodh while sleeping will not only give you good sleep but also increase your immunity. Also start having amla once a day.

Beat the bloat

Instead of popping a pill, have a glass of Chaas with Hing and Kala namak  right after lunch. While the Chaas is a good source of probiotics and Vitamin B12, the Hing and Kala namak combo will help cut down bloating, gas and even prevent IBS

Snack Sensibly

How you snack can definitely impact your health journey. So, reach for nuts, seeds and high fibre foods instead of deep-fried snacks. Even fruits is a wise option to carry. In case if you are out opt for healthy snacking options like Sandwich, Bhel or sada dosa.
Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals will increase your weight rather than reducing it. Rather, choose your meal mindfully. You can opt for Idli, dosa, sandwich, etc. SAY NO to sugar, extra fat, cheese, butter. Rejuvenate yourself with Ganne ka juice instead of aerated drinks. Empty calories will not only put on inches but will also give little breakouts on your skin.
Keep yourself Super Hydrated
The key to glowing skin is water. Include lots of watermelons in your diet and set reminders to ensure that you drink water regularly, even on your busiest days. Improve your intake of green vegetables, fruits and treat yourself with herbal teas as they hydrate the body really well.
You are a bride/groom-to-be and you deserve all the happiness for your “D day”, so let’s take a healthy step forward NOW….

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