It’s the season of festival and one of our favorite festivals is just round the corner, “JANMASHTAMI”. When we think of Janmashtami, all we can think of is “Lord Krishna” and his stories. One such famous story about Janmashtami is Lord Krishna and his Makhan love. He was so fond of Makhan aka white butter that he would not only finish all the butter that his mother Yashoda would make at home, but would also go around with his bunch of friends and steal “Makhan” from neighboring houses.
Freshly made white butter has its own charm. It is also known as ‘Loni’ in Maharashtra where white butter is used on popular snacks like Thalipeeth. Over the years now makhan is one of the feared foods for dieters, but our ancestors used to use it in abundance. White butter aka Makhan refreshes our childhood memories when our grandmother used to feed us parathas with a spoon of butter. But have you ever wondered why? Is white butter really healthy? Let’s find out how healthy white butter aka “makhan” is and how can we use it.
White butter is made by churning fresh milk and cream. It is said that fresh home-made butter is a much healthier alternative to the salted varieties we get in markets. White butter is natural and unprocessed and it is more nutritious than yellow butter.
Another reason that makes white butter better is that it does not contain the harmful trans-fats, which has been linked with various chronic ailments like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.”
Less Salt: “Home-made butter is usually unsalted. The commercial butter you get is highly salted.”
Concentrated source of calories: Yes! White butter, like any butter is loaded with calories. But, calories in themselves are not a bad thing. Calories provide energy that keeps you going through the day.” Children or people who need to have lots of calories can go for white butter, if they are looking for a healthier source of concentrated calories.”
Lubricates the joints:  It is believed that white butter contains molecular structure, which can assimilate fat and lubricate joints. People suffering from joint pain or arthritis can consider including white butter in their diet instead of yellow butter. But people who are focusing on weight loss, “Beware of your intake”.
Fights infections: Have you ever wondered why your mother fed you dal khichdi along with a dollop of white butter whenever you were sick? It is because white butter has potent antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help boost your immune system and treat minor illnesses like a stomach infection or flu.
Helps treat cancer: White butter contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) along with medium and short chain fatty acids that have cancer-fighting properties.
Uses of white butter in Ayurveda
Ayurveda prescribes white butter as a remedy for many ailments such as insomnia, bed-wetting and a few sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. White butter is also recommended to pregnant women as it is said to nourish the growing child and ease labour
Aids weight loss: White butter is an excellent source of lecithin, a substance that helps in the metabolism and assimilation of cholesterol and other fat constituents. So you break down fat more efficiently and thus lose weight. White butter also satiates your cravings, thus helps you consume fewer calories and assist weight loss.
Boosts immunity: White butter has a unique molecular composition of saturated fat that helps retain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin D all of which help boost your immune system.
We just saw the benefits of white butter now let’s check how can we use it. White butter can be used :
– To make ghee
– As softening agent in the dough of parathas to soften it
– Used to make flavoured butter
While yellow butter contains excess salt, transfat, sugars and colouring agents white butter on the other hand contains neither of the above and is rich in nutrients like vitamins A and D.White butter contains healthy calories and fats which are essential for weight loss and healthy body
Here’s how you can make “WHITE BUTTER” aka “MAKHAN” at home.
White butter recipe:
You can easily make white butter at home with malai or milk cream. Here’s the traditional way of preparing white butter at home.

The method of preparation:

So this Janmashtami as well as on routine days, instead of using the yellow butter, Make white butter at home, just like your grandmother used to do. It is wholesome and more healthy.

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