Feeling gassy all the time? Not able to button up the pants that fit perfectly last week? What is happening! This is Bloating, a common symptom among all age groups. It presents itself with presence of gas which results in distended stomach and feeling of extreme fullness.
All individuals are different. One could feel bloated consuming an apple, while the other may not present the same symptom. In such a scenario, maintaining a Food Diary can help you track the real problem. Whenever you feel bloated, make a note. This would help you make analysis of the problem creating foods.
Also patients on long term medications can complain of bloating. In such a case, what is the solution? Keep a track of the medicines that are causing the symptom and talk to your doctor to make the possible alterations.
Bloating is directly proportional to your eating habits. If you are overeating, eating irregular meals, including more of processed foods, overloading on fiber, you are likely to feel bloated. Getting to the root cause of the same can help solve this symptom.
Beat the Bloat with these Foods:
Water can do wonders to your body. Even in cases of water retention, drinking water helps release fluid from the body. Drinking water also prevents constipation, another cause of bloated belly.
Sipping on warm water when bloated, gives a quick relief from the symptom. Try it!
Ginger helps alleviate gas, bloating and cramps. It is a carminative herb that calms the intestinal activity and expels gas to relieve bloating.

Fennel Seeds

There is a significant reason as to why you are served fennel seeds at restaurants right after meals. Yes you got it right, fennel seeds facilitate digestion. Fennel seed is also a carminative herb that helps combat flatulence.


The enzyme in papaya called papain aids the digestive process. This enzyme helps to break down tough protein fibres, which may cause bloating if undigested. Papaya on an empty stomach reaps maximum benefits.


Yogurt is a probiotic which has beneficial bacteria for your gut health. Consuming yogurt regularly with these live cultures facilitates efficient digestion and prevents the belly bloat.

Regular Exercise helps to keep the belly bloat at bay. Gas retention is lower in individuals who exercise. So exercise daily for a healthy gut.

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