Is the changing weather bothering you? Are you trying to adjust to a sunny morning and rainy evening? Changing climate is surely a concern and has been hitting hard these days.
Many people are sensitive to climate change and often experience cold, cough, allergies, headache, backache, joint pains and triggering of existing complaints. Following a healthy lifestyle throughout can help to manage sudden changes without getting affected.
Let us have a look at some health tips to stay healthy even when the climate changes. 
Vitamin C has the capacity to increase white blood cells and make your immunity system work effectively.e.g. Berries, kiwi, bell peppers, green leafy veg etc.
It is a natural probiotic that aids in enhancing the gut microbes thereby strengthening our immune system.
Herbs and spices
Onions, garlic, ginger, black peppercorn, cayenne pepper, allspice, curry, and turmeric. They contain components that help to boost our immune system.
Drink plenty of water
Water helps in the production of lymph, which carries white blood cells and other immune system cells. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health.
Avoid antibiotics
Try to avoid antibiotics. They’ve been shown to attack beneficial bacteria in the digestive system and suppress immune functions. Unless you really have to take them, first you find a natural alternative.
Every ingredient that nature provides is bestowed with multiple health benefits and it’s up to us to be aware and make use of it.
Let’s keep our immune system strong and fight out every attack that comes our way!

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