Since last 2 years due to the pandemic and its fall backs this year we have got the chance to celebrate and party with our loved and dear ones!!! No wonder we all are excited for the same…
But this doesn’t mean that we get so carried away and party hard which can lead one to put on those extra kilos which you have been trying to shed during this lockdown.  No wonder the lockdown phase has been difficult for all of us…
So let’s enjoy this party season with little tweaks n tricks in our eating habits so that you stayed maintain and don’t put on after you just enjoyed one of your best moments/ parties!!!
Here are some tips from Neev Nutrition which will help you keep weight gain to a minimum during this party season…

  1. Choose your options wisely

Parties are not the time to feel deprived, which will only make you want more. Unless there’s a medical reason, do not head out to gatherings or parties with a list in your head of “forbidden foods.” Your more manageable goal should be to either maintain your current weight or to gain as little as possible. For instance instead on resisting that hummus dip, have it with some vegetable sticks instead of pita bread.

  1. Maintain meals

Eat your normal meals throughout the day, with plenty of emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein. Heading out to a party on an empty stomach is just setting yourself up to binge on everything you see.

  1. Stick to favorites

Every party host will strive to provide a wide array of foods for the guests, presented to appear as appealing as possible. But why waste calories on foods you don’t like all that much, when you could be spending them on things you love? When you arrive at the party, survey the offerings and focus on:

  1. Have more of protein

Try to have some protein first. This helps steady your blood sugar ahead of the onslaught of sweets, and will also take the edge off your appetite. Instead of picking those nachos choose 2-3 pieces any paneer based starter or go for the pulse chaat or salad option instead of pasta salad.

  1. Stick with plates

It’s so easy to go overboard when you’re standing there talking and the servers keep offering you platters. Pay attention to what you put into your mouth. After you’ve scoped out the offerings, put the foods you really want on a plate and, if possible, sit down to eat it.

  1. Cut where you can

You can still find sneaky ways to eat what you love and save a calorie here and there. If you can’t resist the cheesy dip and fried snack, have it with vegetables instead of chips or choose a better roasted option.

  1. Go easy on the booze

Not only does alcohol contain calories, but it will also lower your inhibitions and your will power.
This doesn’t mean you can’t imbibe at all, just go easy. A light beer, wine, or wine spritzer will have fewer calories than creamy liqueurs or hard liquors.  Also, remember that tonic water also contains calories; opt for club soda as your mixer.

  1. Walk it off

While you won’t be able to burn off every extra calorie through exercise, even a leisurely stroll after you’ve indulged with help, and help you feel a little more virtuous. Or shake a leg on the dance floor no wonder grooving with your friends is always memorable.
Always remember you are in control of your lifestyle and you can choose whether these special eating activities are to be your downfall. You will find with a little planning and a desire to focus on the fun and not the food, you can sail through these adventures unscathed.
You are Worth It!!

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