Have you noticed the world’s going vegan and how? But still people don't have the required awareness and knowledge regarding vegan diet and its benefits or bad impacts..

Understanding Veganism: Myths And Facts

Understanding Veganism
Vegan Foods
Understanding Veganism
Increase in demand of crops.
Understanding Veganism
  • Veganism means you give up on the foods that come from animal sources. It can be milk and it’s products, butter, ghee, tard, mallow, egg, honey, chicken, fish, meat or sea food. So anything that involves animal cruelty is avoided, hence it’s good for other living organisms as well as your health. But the con is that it causes nutrient deficiencies.
  • Also at the same time the demand for vegetarian foods increases like crops, vegetables, fruits, nut, milk, etc. It’s tough to maintain the supply according to the demand , it also leads to rise in prices.
  • Further in here you can go ahead and see to it that you can become a vegan and adapt this lifestyle change or not .
  • Vegan diet is very different from pescatarian, eggetarian, vegetarian, etc., and usually people confuse it with these diets.  Also, veganism is different from other plant based diets too, since it’s more of a psychologically set beliefs which are in favour of the environment and other organism.
Understanding Veganism
Avoid usage of cosmetic products
Understanding Veganism
Reduced health Risks
Understanding Veganism
  • Many individuals go vegan for health, but the primary reasons for others is to oppose animal cruelty and support environmental welfare.
  • The main agenda for vegans is to avoid animal exploitation in all forms. Vegans also avoid the cosmetic products that involves cruelty in any form.
  • Actually having complete plant diet has the complete opposite effect to as how it is described, so it says that plant diet will lack in protein, etc. whereas it has many benefits such as, plant based foods are easy to digest compared to animal products and are also light on stomach. So, shifting to veganism means you significantly don’t have to spend so much of energy for digestion of animal products.
  • The advantages of a vegan diet are many, however, there are also some disadvantages. Let’s look at the pros and cons of veganism.
Understanding Veganism
Mindful eating
Understanding Veganism
Get sound sleep
Understanding Veganism
Include probiotics

Pros and Cons of Veganism:

Pros Of Veganism:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Reduced environment exploitation
  • Mindful eating
  • Inculcating healthy food habits
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduced heath risks
  • Lower inflammation
  • Discipline and self control

Cons Of Veganism:

  • Labor exploitation for agriculture
  • Low supply because demand is greater
  • Higher demand and prices
  • Lack of certain nutrients
  • Limited food and medicine options

Cope with disadvantages:-
Some tips that you can follow to cope with the disadvantages of veganism are that you should start taking supplements for the nutrient deficiencies, ask your nutritionist to include nutrient rich foods in your diet, speak to your doctor about prebiotics/probiotics, enzymes, etc., that can help you digest the nutrients easily.


Now the question is one should become a vegan or not ???
The choice can be made looking at the pros and cons , and the approach will be individualized, because there is a lot to consider. You can’t avoid the cons, but nutrient deficiencies can be coped with diet and supplementation.

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