Jowar Roti Chivda


  • 1/4k Jowar atta (for roti)
  • Chopped capsicum (red, yellow, green) 1/2k
  • Chopped cabbage 1/2k
  • Chopped spring onions leaves ¼ k
  • Chopped coriander leaves, ¼  lemon


  • Salt
  • Haldi
  • Red chilli powder & Dhana jeera powder -as per taste
  • 1/2 tsp oil


  1. Make Jowar roti.
  2. Allow it to cool down then crush it using the mixer to make small pieces of roti.
  3. Heat little oil, Add jeera, hing, chopped vegetables. Sauté for some time.
  4. Add the seasonings as per taste.
  5. Add jowar roti pieces.
  6. Add lemon drops and Mix well, closed for 2 mins.
  7. Add chopped coriander leaves.
  8. Serve hot with Veg or raita.
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