Fruit Rasgulla

Paneer [LOW FAT] -50g
sugar/stevia – 2 tsp
Fresh watermelon/pomegranate juice – 250 ml
Pomegranate seeds – for garnishing

-Mash the paneer with your hand for at least 6 minutes to make a smooth dough

Now make a weak sugar syrup i.e. 2tsp sugar or stevia in water sufficient enough to let the Rasgullas poach freely], boil it in a pressure cooker or a deep pan or stockpot, tip in all the Rasgulla balls one by one and simmer them till you see them doubled. Cover the cooker with lid and pressure to cook them shortly (till the first whistle) to ensure the Rasgullas fluff up to maximum.

– Once rasgullas have become big and the poaching liquid gets cloudy, squeeze the ready Rasgullas lightly and dunk them directly in pomegranate or watermelon juice. Garnish with pomegranate seeds.

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