What You Eat Can Affect The Way You Smell…. It All Depends On How Your Body Metabolizes The Foods You Have Consumed And Many Factors Affect This Process, Including Your Diet. We Would See The Impact Of Different Foods On Our Body In This Article.

Body Odour :

Body odor can be defined by your hygiene practices and your genetics, but your diet and certain foods play a key role in how you smell.

Body odor is also caused by a mix of bacteria and sweat on your skin. Your body odor can change due to hormones, the food you eat, infection, medications or underlying conditions like diabetes. Prescription-strength antiperspirants or medications may help.


7 foods that impact and influence how your body smells:


Here are 7 foods that impact and influence how your body smells
1. Cruciferous Vegetables-  These can affect the body odor due to the presence of Sulphur compounds in them. These compounds are absorbed by the body and secreted through sweat WELL, THEN HOW CAN YOU CONSUME THESE?? ….. THE ANSWER IS –  parboil these veggies in ater with a little bit of salt to get rid of the odour producing and Sulphur compounds and to also retain the nutritive value of these veggies

 2. Red Meat – Red meat has a negative impact on odour as opposed to those who ate vegetarian foods. the science behind this could be the way in which the body metabolizes the red meat 

3. Alcohol-According to a study, alcohol that is con summed is metabolized and partly released through sweat so its not just your breath but also your sweat that stinks of alcohol!!

4. Spices – Some choices especially cumin and fenugreek have a tendency to remain in your body for  a little longer than usual and create a bad body odour

5. Fish Oil- Fish oil has a type of B complex vitamin called choline which delivers a natural fishy and cause odour

6. Tomatoes– Tomatoes have a chemical compound called terpenes that leads to the pungent smell of your sweat 

7. Garlic –Garlic can produce stink from your skin, due to the presence of allicin. Substances produced in the body after the breakdown of allicin lead to the mixing of certain bacteria with sweat which results in a strong body odour

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