Are you planning to travel and take a trip this vacation ?? Also worried that you might put on some extra kilograms ?? Don't worry we have got you covered about foods that you should consume and avoid !!

Here are some food mistakes that you tend to do while travelling: 

  • While traveling there may be an urge to try a variety of snacks and go overboard with them but try to resist this feeling and stick to your regular food plan.

  • Trying to stay awake while traveling or adjusting to jetlag can often lead to an increase in caffeine consumption and consuming  too much of caffeine can also elevate stress hormones, which can in turn negatively impact your immune function and ability to relax. Instead, try to choose less caffeinated beverages.

  • Hotels and resorts often offer all-inclusive menu options, allowing you to indulge in their selection of foods at any time. Resist the temptation to indulge in overeating and choose simple foods similar to your plan. Also avoid foods that might be fried or full of butter and oils and start your meals with salad, clear soups to avoid overeating  

  • Do not confuse your thirst with hunger – Consume enough water and stay well hydrated during your travel to take care of the overall health in terms of energy and vitality and avoid dehydration. 

  • When traveling, you get an opportunity to experience new cuisines and restaurants. Be sure to look into the healthy and delicious food options that your destination offers. 

  • Don’t be a couch potato – Try and indulge in some kind of activity like walking a few miles, cycling, swimming, etc to help your metabolism keep going

Try different cuisines in proper proportion
Try activities like cycling instead of being a couch potato.
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