Corporate Wellness Program

What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

The health and happiness of employees is crucial to the success of any business, as it may increase output, cut down on medical expenses, and play a major role in luring and maintaining top talent. Employees might be encouraged to start living healthier lives by participating in corporate wellness programmes. One of their primary goals is to improve worker’s health in the office. To achieve this goal, it is possible to include a variety of mild health activities in the regular work schedule of employees. Better performance and meaningful outcomes have always resulted from investing in this crucial part of the organisation, namely the well-being of its employees.


Test Report Evaluation & Suggestion

Nutrition Workshops / Webinars

Nutritional Blogs

Customised Diet Planning

Body Composition

Access To Tasty & Healthy Recipes

Key Aspects & Benefits Of Our Programs

Focus on Complete Employee Wellness

As part of our commitment to the health and happiness of the staff, our initiatives prioritise the provision of nutritional food in correct manner

Expert Guidance

Expert advice is provided on how to initiate and maintain lifestyle changes that benefit one's health, work performance, and overall happiness.

Assessment activities

The reports of these evaluations provide the organisation an idea of where it stands in terms of the wellness of its workforce.

Improved Employee Productivity

Employees who take part in wellness programmes see an increase in output per hour worked and a decrease in tardiness.

Higher Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Employees feel cared for and important to the company creating more satisfied employees in the company.

Better Company Culture

Employees are taking better care of themselves and building stronger bonds with coworkers as a result of our plans.


What is included in a corporate wellness program?

The best corporate wellness programs majorly offer a combination of quality attributes that appropriately fit the employee requirements of good health and improved productivity at work. Such offerings consist of health screening camps, nutrition workshops and webinars, individual consultations, nutrition coaching via newsletters and food demonstrations etc. On top of the above-mentioned value stack, corporate health programs also offer cafeteria meal planning services, body composition camps and interactive ‘lunch n learn’ sessions.

Are corporate wellness programs effective?

As per nutritionists in Mumbai, corporate health programs are highly effective with respect to lowering turnover costs. When employees were surveyed after attending the program, it was found that around 88% of the surveyed employees claimed that the wellness programs helped them make the crucial decision to join or remain at the company, eventually resulting in lower turnover costs. Additionally, corporate nutrition programs also helped the employees to improve their focus and productivity.

Why do we need corporate wellness programs?

Your organization needs a corporate wellness program to equip employees with the necessary knowledge and activities that can help them to combat workplace stress and empower them with proper work pressure handling capabilities, eventually enhancing productivity and performance. Such initiatives can also result in lower employee turnover rate and improve overall employee health, finally reducing the health care costs.

How do employee nutrition programs improve productivity?

It is estimated that the associated cost with presenteeism is at least two to three times greater than the direct healthcare expenditure. But what is presenteeism? It is a poor health condition that results in poor employee productivity. In other words, an employee may just physically be at work but may not be working efficiently. With the help of corporate wellness programs, an organization can reduce presenteeism which can eventually lead to enhanced employee productivity in the long term.

Past Workshops

Workshop by Ushma Chheda on ‘Winter Foods’ at SBI Corporate Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai – January 2020.

Workshop by Ushma Chheda on ‘Winter Foods’ at SBI Corporate Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai – January 2020.

Workshop by Ushma Chheda on ‘Winter Foods’ at SBI Corporate Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai – January 2020.

Workshop by Ushma Chheda on ‘Winter Foods’ at SBI Corporate Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai – January 2020.

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