There is endless information about health and nutrition on Instagram, YouTube , other social media or various popular websites most of which is incorrect. So here are some myths and misconceptions debunked , so that it doesn't cause no more confusion for the public.

Common myths and misconceptions about nutrition:-

Eat healthy
Milk and Milk Products
Carbohydrate rich foods

1. Eating healthy is too expensive – That’s all bluff. The packaged juices that are so called healthy have lots of HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup) packed within which is very unhealthy. Also rather than buying local ppl run towards fancy imported food items which loose their nutritional content over the period due to transport, packing and wear and tear.

2. High fat foods are unhealthy or Full-fat products equal weight gain- Rather they provide you with essential fats. Sources for high fat foods are milk, yogurt, nuts, etc.

3. Low-fat or fat-free products are healthier choices- In the process of making it fat free , the food items go through so much of processing that it loses its fat soluble vitamins which are very imp so low fat shouldn’t be prefered.

4. Avoid carbs if you want to lose weight- So in absence of carbs, proteins will not be able to do it’s function. Hence carbs are equally imp. Also out of all the macronutrients only carbohydrates is the one which can give energy to RBCs and CNS , so in absence of carbs these crucial mechanisms will not be performed.

keep fit intake instead of fat
Green leafy vegetables
Avoid sugar intake

5. A detox diet will clean toxins out of your body- This is partially true , and also detox diets cant be sustained for long term, hence they are not good.

6. Certain foods, such as grapefruit, cayenne pepper or vinegar, can burn fat- If that was true so there would not be a single person who is fat now. So that’s a myth, there is no such food that can burn fat. The only thing that can help is a calorie deficit and lifestyle management.

7. The best way to decrease your sodium intake is to stop using the salt shaker- Yes that’s true but still moderating the use of salt while cooking and avoiding high sodium foods such as non- veg, GLV ( green leafy veges), etc is also very important .

8. Non-nutritive sweeteners are healthy- These may lead to adverse health effects, such as an increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus and negative affects gut microbiome.

Understanding Veganism
Mindful eating
Understanding Veganism
Get sound sleep
Include potatoes in your diet

9. White potatoes are unhealthy- When cooled the resistant starch increases in this starchy vegetable which is very good for our gut microbiome. Potatoes contain more vitamins and nutrients than rice, just the combination of potato that is made of not good.

10. Suppliments are a waste of money- Because Indian diets lack some nutrients and it’s requirements can’t be met thru food hence suppliments are req. But all together depending upon suppliments and not focusing on food is nutrition is definitely waste of money.

11. All smoothies and juices are healthy – The packaged and high fat once No! Also the whole fruit is a much option then fruit juice bcz it has natural soluble as well as insoluble fibre in it which helps to control the glucose spike up .

12. Waiting Until You’re On “Empty” to Eat- Never starve yourself , especially before going out of you will binge. Irregular meal timing is one of the most imp cause for weight gain.❌❌

13. Diets alone Don’t Work a Lifestyle Change Is mandatory- Indeed true because improper sleep, poor water intake, too much alcohol consumption and things like that will cause disturbance in the diet.


Despite many myths and misconceptions might be there but all together eliminating all of that and creating a healthy lifestyle and diet management is what’s optimal .

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