Bajra Dates Burfi


Bajra – 20 g
Milk – 75 ml 
Dates – 4-5 seedless dates
Nutmeg powder (jaifal) – ¼ tsp 
Green cardamom powder – ½ tsp 
Sunflower seeds – for garnishing 
Rose petals –  for garnishing


Step 1 Blend the dates to a fine paste and keep aside. 

Step 2 Clean and soak bajra overnight in a little water. Drain and remove the outer covering of the bajra. Boil milk, add bajra and dates paste and keep on stirring till it is cooked and the consistency is thick.

Step 3 Add nutmeg powder and cardamom powder and keep on stirring till all the moisture has completely dried up. Spread on a greased tray and garnish with sunflower seeds and rose petals. Cut into desired shapes and serve.

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