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We at Neev Nutrition believe in offering a strong foundation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Established in 2011 and with one centres, we are proud to have three flourishing centre in Mumbai boasting an excellent track record not only in the city but also across the country and an envious global presence through our unique online consulting programs. Carving a niche in the nutrition & diet segment, we are one-stop-shop for all your health related queries.

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Meet Ushma Chheda

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Ushma Chheda, a Post Graduate in Sports Science & Nutrition has done her Bachelor of Home Science (BHSc) in Foods & Nutrition, with a Specialization in Dietitics. She is running 3 weight loss centers at Juhu, Matunga, and Ghatkopar by the name of ‘NEEV Nutrition’ & having more than a thousands of clients.

Ushma has conducted various workshops, seminars & lectures for the benefits of large sections of people.

Ushma’s early exposure to her mother and aunts’ interest in diets solidified her determination to pursue a career in nutrition. They would go on soup and salad diets or crash diets, lose weight at first, then put it all back on once they stopped.

She was always intrigued as to why this happened. And was their approach towards diet correct?


Apart from that, she always wondered why diets were so boring, and why diet food wasn’t enjoyable. This compelled her to develop her series of unique and innovative recipes – that enabled weight loss while eating tasty food.

During the course of her practice, she has figured that as the quantum of weight loss is not spread evenly across the body only diet is not sufficient to get a well-toned body. Also that, when there was tremendous weight loss, individuals also lost their facial charm along with the weight loss.

To encounter this, she & Dipen came up with some unique combination packages of diet and massages, coupled with physiotherapy that helped people tightening the skin from the problematic areas and restore the facial glow.


  • Post graduate diploma in Sports Science & Nutrition from SNDT (Santacruz)
  • Bachelor of Home Science (BHSc) in Foods & Nutrition, with a Specialization in Dietitics


  • Interned in KEM Hospital in the Endocrine, Diet, Kidney and Cardiac Departments
  • She has worked as a nutritionist in organizations like  Talwalkar & Dr. Dhurandhar’s Obesity Clinic
  • She has been a coordinator for Post Graduate Department of Sports Science and Nutrition in S.N.D.T. College of Home Science
  • Conducting umpteen seminars on “Health and Fitness”
  • Routinely trains marathon runners
  • Conducted Fitness Assessment for 1200 athletes in “Ashwamedh” event
  • Nutritional H.O.D of Evolve Gym having 3 centres
  • After having gained 10 years of valuable experience by working in these esteemed institutions, she has started her own setup, by the name of NEEV
  • Currently she runs 3 weight loss centers at Juhu, Matunga (Central) and Ghatkopar (East) servicing more than 1000 clients


She has conducted various workshops, seminars & lectures for the benefits of large sections of people. Some of them are:

  • International Workshop on Fitness Excellence in Performance
  • Conference on Obesity conducted by the AARO (Association of Advanced Research in Obesity)
  • IX Asian Congress of Nutrition Seminar on ‘Sports, Fitness and Nutrition’ conducted by The Times of India

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Crafted Cravings
Crafted Cravings
I am very happy that i found and choose Neev Nutrition and specially i am very thankful to "Rutuja" my mentor for my weight loss though i was not extra overweight but that excess kgs were getting on my nerves. I was so frustrated with my bloating n acidity that i stopped eating dinners completely. The amazing part is that i did an online consultation and it worked wonders for me. The meal plan was so delicious and absolutely easy to make with Whatever ingredients available home ,no fancy diet food at all My husband use to doubt that am i really following any diet 😅 The he also started having the meals i use eat. Thanks a lot Rutuja for calmly listening to me and helping me getting my confidence back.
Anu Thakur
Anu Thakur
The change I see is amazing😍 I lost almost 10 kgs that also in a healthy way. I had a great experience!!
Umesh Gandhi
Umesh Gandhi
Good. Can be better Neev for admistration Rutuja is too good n co operative. Wishing her n Neeev all the best. Missed meeting Usma tc.
Dhairya Gandhi
Dhairya Gandhi
Amazing tailor made diets and unique recipes.Had a great experience and lost 5 kgs thanks to Rutuja ma’am
Upma Doshi
Upma Doshi
Lost 5 kgs in 2 month and 2-3 inches over all along the with diet n inch loss sessions. Recipes are very tasty and simple, easy to make as well. Very happy with the results. Thanks to Neev Nutrition n team😊 will suggest all.
Nidhi Gada
Nidhi Gada
"Weight loss" is not as easy as using these two words is. It needs lot of discipline and determination along with correct guidance. Ushma Chedda and her entire team at Neev Nutrition is a true advisor who have helped me stay motivated and lose 10 kgs throughout my weightloss journey. My patience were literally put to test but I have come out with great results.Thank you to all the team members of Neev Nutrition.
Shreya Patel
Shreya Patel
Dr. Rutuja made my fat loss journey so easy by planning my diets which were not just healthy but also very tasty and also planned according to my schedule and eating habits. She made dieting enjoyable and I would look forward to my meals everyday. Thanks to her I have lost 6kgs in 3 months and I don’t just feel light but also healthier than before.
Romil Gada
Romil Gada
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