Parle (West), Matunga (CR), Ghatkopar (East)

Dr. Vinit Furia

  • Lost 40 kgs in 1 year
  • After dieting felt that stamina level has been increased and was able to run 10km marathon within in 1 hour 16 mins
  • Enjoyed Dieting as he got his favorite foods and interesting recipes
  • He learned how to reduce weight even after having sweet cravings

Paras Chheda

  • Lost 8 kgs in 10 weeks.
  • First used to feel weak.
  • After dieting felt that stamina levels has increased during workout
    and running as well.
  • Increased ability to exercise harder.
  • Energy levels boost up.

Charu Shah

  • 70 yrs old charu has lost 10 kg within 15 weeks.
  • Diet and treatment helped her to increased her energy levels.
  • Had a complaint of knee pain reason she couldn’t walk much.
  • Now she can easily walk without any pain and feel more independent.

Vipul Goradia

  • Vipul Goradia reduced 2.5 kgs within 21 days.
  • Diabetes is under controlled without medicines and sugar levels are normal just with the help of diet.
  • Enjoyed dieting as he got many interesting menus and recipes.
  • There is a drastic change in his lifestyle as well after dieting from neev.
  Before After
FBS 264 69
PP 360 75