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Why us?


Flexible timings & diet according to your suitability.


Bespoke packages to suit your body & as per your taste buds. No boring food!

Longlasting Results

No crash diets, balanced diet, no stopping of any food, so weight does not rebound even after stopping.


Affordable rates with more outcome. Pay less, gain more.


After achieving the desired results,we teach you to maintain it throughout your life.

Vegan Friendly

Our vegan diet provides with optimal nutrition along with the tasty recipes.

Success Stories

Our Clients Speaks

The best thing about following Ushma Chheda’s diet is that, you don’t feel starved or have to mentally ready yourself to eat only salads n fruits!

It’s a delicious journey with her for a better body and mind! You can see the difference not only in the mirror but also feel it within.

The journey from fat to fit has been my best journey so far...

Mithun Mehta

I am Thyroid & PCOD patient since 8-9 years. I had lot of issues with periods & weight, I had irregular periods lasting for 25-30 days again with a break of week I used to get it again & no medicines was working & I had lot of issues since 4 years & nothing was working out. Only solution was losing weight.

I came to “Neev” and it was miracle. Within month result was shown, slowly slowly things fell into place & after 6 months only with proper diet I am regular on my periods cycle with 6-8 days with no medicine & no exercise.

I am very happy with the results & lost 8 Kgs where loosing was difficult. I am so satisfied that I enjoy eating, no medicines & still things are wonder.

Forum Shah

Since the last few years I was suffering from acute leg pain & body aches. After a few blood tests, I found out that these were symptoms of my low hemoglobin count.

My doctor prescribed me with some medication but to no avail. There was a slight change nothing drastic. Dieting was the next option. I started diet plans with Ushma. She took care of my health while also providing me with tasty options. She changes my diet plans every week and so I get to try something new & delicious every week.

It has been 5 months since I started following Ushma’s diet. I have lost 13 Kgs & now my hemoglobin count is 13, which never crossed 10 in the past.

Kalpita Chandarana

I came to Neev as my last to lose weight by diet before opting for a weight lose surgery. I am very glad that I took this chance because Ushma has helped me to lose 10 Kgs in 3 months. It is a MIRACLE. My back pain and knee pain are almost gone and now I feel energetic and can do all my work with ease.

My family & I have no words to thank Ushma. She is an Angel sent by God to make me Fitter, Healthier and Happier. Thank you so very much.

I have taken the SR treatment Package, which has helped to reduce many inches from my abdomen, thighs and hips. It is very beneficial to help achieve a better look along with the diet.

Rupa Dave

Dear Ushma Mam,

Thanks to Neev Clinic staff and Ushma mam, who completed my dream. Really, I had joined many weight loss centers, but result I achieved here is amazing.

Most important thing here is that they give diet plans in very easy way and it is also easy to follow. Result of Spot reduction of tummy and Detox diet are superb. Special inch loss was also very good. Massage is very very nice.

Thanks to staff member and mam.

Anita Kachara

NEEV was a wonderful experience for me. I have tried so many, you can say almost all the weight management centers, but NEEV was the best. One can lose weight so easily by eating. It’s eat and lose weight concept. Also the staff, their massages are simply amazing and result oriented.

Today I feel great about myself for which I would like to thank NEEV and Dr. Ushma Chheda for help me achieve my goals in a healthy way with no crash diets.

Thanks !

Mansi Gandhi

We have learnt the proverb 'Prevention is better than cure'. I experienced in my real life. 6 months ago, I realized breathlessness while walking. I started experiencing my bulging tummy. Ohh… now dieting was the need of the hour.

As I mentioned dieting was unavoidable. After losing 14 Kg with the help of diet, now the bulging part of tummy and breathlessness has gone and gone forever.

Thanks to “Neev Nutrition Centre”. I said “gone forever” is on purpose. Here at Neev Clinic, Ushma madam helps us not only in losing weight but also teaches how to maintain the proper weight. Would like to take this opportunity to thank my people i.e. Ushma, her team and my family for your support and guidance.

Hasmita Shah

From Obese to fit - It was possible only because of you. I had stereotyped all nutritionists – will give boring food and starve me. However, coming to you, changed my entire perspective about nutritionists and diets!

‘Neev’ allowed me yummy goodies and literally forced me to have the calorie loaded pav bhaji ! It is only because of you that I lost 9 Kgs even during bed rest!

30 KG WEIGHT LOSS - It was possible only because of you.

I feel fit, better and so much more active too. THANK YOU !

Nidhi Shah



Ushma Chheda, a Post Graduate in Sports Science & Nutrition has done her Bachelor of Home Science (BHSc) in Foods & Nutrition, with a Specialization in Dietitics. She is running 3 weight loss centers at Vileparle (West), Matunga (Central) and Ghatkopar (East) by the name of ‘NEEV Nutrition’ & having more than 1000 clients.

Ushma had Conducted various workshops, seminars & lectures for the benefits of large sections of people.